Viraj Summers is a seasoned realtor with nearly a decade of experience in her field. Along with her own history in the business, she proudly maintains ownership of an office building, a brokerage and a partnership with her co-agent of whom is the other half of her minority, female-owned business.

She and her partner, Cherronna Jones-Daily service the areas of Southern Indiana and Kentucky and all the buyers and sellers in between. However, It’s not about the money for this dynamic duo. It’s about building a business and helping the community.

Viraj prides herself on having a foundation built on morals and ethics. To add more value to this business combo, Cherronna holds twenty years of engineering and construction experience. Her extensive track record coupled with her professional background positions her as a knowledgeable asset to all clientele.

Not only is Viraj well-versed in buying and selling aspects of real estate, but she holds unique knowledge regarding investments.

Additionally, the ladies of this powerful pair are also VA certified and are honored to assist our military service men and women with their housing needs. Service is a significant element of their business and as such, they regularly partake in community projects such as helping out in homeless and animal shelters.

At the end of the day, aside from helping people build educational wealth, Viraj and Cherronna aim to accomplish three goals: to inform, educate and inspire. Their philosophy involves building business through relationships. When she is not fulfilling the real estate needs of her clients, Viraj enjoys spending quality time with her children and her dog, Wonder.

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